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When it comes to learning, Gold Creek Child Development Center is focused on success. Our child care center specializes in creating environments that are developmentally appropriate and feature a wealth of educational opportunities. Contact us today for enrollment information.

Our Classrooms:
Infant Room
The infant room provides a nurturing and loving environment with stimulating sights, sounds, and activities. The maximum number in the group is 10.

Toddler Room
Toddler classrooms allow kids to explore and be active. Teachers encourage creativity and social development, such as sharing and independent self-help skills. The maximum number in the group is 12.
Our preschool class uses music, books, games, puppets, art, science, and basic math concepts to set the foundation for young children to become lifelong learners. The maximum number in the group is 16 to 18.
Pre-K provides children with the opportunity to experience art, music, and books. Children prepare for kindergarten by exploring and expanding their knowledge of basic math, science, reading, and writing. The maximum number in the group is 18 to 20.

Girl Playing, Infant Rooms in Juneau, AK
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