Your child will love our educational programs in Juneau

If you want your little one to have fun while also learning, turn to Gold Creek Child Development Center. 

OUr Approach

We make sure to use a kid-friendly approach to attend to the needs of young learners, and we always encourage their curiosity and questions. We aim to help your child excel in school and beyond.
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Our Classrooms

Infant Room

With a maximum cap at 10 students, the infant room provides an individualized and loving environment for your child to experience carefully controlled elements of sight, sound, and activity. 

Toddler Room

Teachers foster self-growth and social skills by allowing kids to gain independence and explore with their peers. The maximum number in the group is 12 students.   


We aim to inspire a healthy desire for learning in our students and utilize music, books, games, puppets, art, science, and basic math concepts to assist us. The maximum number in the group is 18.


Prepare your child for the transition into kindergarten with our Pre-K program.  With expanding concepts of basic math, science, reading, and writing, opportunities for exploration are endless.  The maximum number in the group is 20.  
Enroll your son or daughter into our Child Development Center! 
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